We’ve had some amazing support over the last few years from first Fiona and then Belinda, our Warehouse Managers and Queens of all things Postage and Handling. They did an incredible job and we can’t thank them enough. For reasons entirely unrelated to these two legends we’ve had to move out of our garage (and their living rooms) and into a proper warehouse (yeeew, taking over the world!). On the upside, this means we can now do Express and International shipping, which we think is pretty awesome!

Express shipping is set up and good to go, with all orders received BEFORE 12:00 midday will be packed and shipped the same day. Orders received after 12:00 midday will be shipped express the next day. We use either courier or Australia Post Express depending on where it’s going and how much you order.

$9.50 flat rate standard delivery is still available (and it’s still free over $150) and Express Delivery flicks over to free once your cart hits $250.00 for a single order, otherwise it’s $15.00. Express is perfect for those last minute oh-no-my-race-is-this-weekend-and-I’m-out-of-VFuel-moments!*

International Shipping is also now an option for us and will be set up and switched on in the next week or so.

* If it’s life-critical give us a call to make sure it’ll arrive on time!

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