What is in this endurance gel that separates it from the many others available? Are these differences substantial and will the endurance athlete greatly benefit from using VFuel over other gels?

These are questions that, among many others, we asked ourselves when deciding whether or not to bring VFuel to you, the endurance athlete. There are quite a few gels on the market today and many have served a good purpose. However, as more people enter endurance based sports, and as more people see the benefits of fueling with energy gels, the more folks are learning about what their bodies can handle given the right support and proper nutrition.

Every ingredient in VFuel serves a specific purpose in an effort to fuel you in the best ways possible.  Check the tabs below to learn more.

VFuel Endurance Fudge Brownie Gel


We flavour our gel using natural sources. Yes, it may be more expensive (on our end) but we know it’s worth it. In our Chocolate we use only organic, non-alkalized, real cocoa powder and a hint of pure, real vanilla. In vanilla only real and pure vanilla is used. In our peach cobbler VFuel we use organic natural peach flavor to get as close to the real flavor as possible, then we add a dash of ground cinnamon. There are no frills, no synthetic blending of ‘flavours,’ and no additives to make our gel taste the way we want it.

VFuel Endurance Peach Cobbler Gel


Of course we are going to say that we are using quality ingredients. But we challenge you to see the difference for yourself. We tested hundreds of different ingredient sources to create VFuel Endurance Gel. For example, we tested 10 different kinds of maltodextrin, 8 different sources of vanilla (Mexican,Madagascar, Indonesian, vanilla blends, etc…), and many different cocoa sources, just to name a few, in an effort to present you with the highest quality ingredients. We didn’t sacrifice quality for cost on any ingredient.

VFuel Endurance Vanilla Gel


VFuel performs. Period. But we can make claims all day long and it won’t compare to actually experiencing the difference. You can read reviews from very happy customers on our facbook page, from bloggers across the internet, and from all of our athletes (who’s only requirement is to truly believe in the product). But again, nothing will do it justice until you try it for yourself. VFuel Endurance Gel will provide you with truly consistent energy levels and help your body to actively recover by providing supplements that will delay muscle fatigue and detoxify your muscles as they are being used.

VFuel Endurance Maple Bacon Gel


VFuel, like other energy gels, starts with maltodextrin as the primary carbohydrate. But from there, we take a very different path. Most other gels use Fructose, or some sort of rice syrup or evaporated cane juice, all containing Fructose. VFuel uses Dextrose as its secondary carb, a more expensive (on our end) option, but one that is drastically easier to digest. A very high percentage of complaints we hear about gels in general are in regards to digestibility issues. We hear people say that gels make them nauseated, gets them bloated, ‘backs them up,’ or even causes diarrhea. These issues are a direct result from the simple sugar that is used in most energy gels, Fructose. All sugars, except for dextrose, take specialized enzymes to break down. The only sugar your body can use for energy without having to process is glucose (dextrose). Fructose, as used in most other gels, requires processing by ones liver resulting in a restoration of liver glycogen rather than a direct restoration of muscle glycogen, as dextrose provides. The added level of attention that fructose requires to be turned into sugars that your body can actually use takes time and limited resources (enzymes) away from your system. For many people, especially during endurance activities (training or racing), the amount of enzymes their liver can make are far fewer than the amount of fructose they are pumping into their body in the form of energy gels. This is when things start to go wrong. Ones body handles this differently depending on a lot of other factors but this is what leads to the nausea, bloating, etc… Your body is simply not equipped to handle that much fructose especially when trying to perform athletically. It’s just a bad mix that leads to much unwanted, and unnecessary, GI distress. We were actually shocked when we figured out how easy this fix was. Take out the fructose, use dextrose instead, and there you have it. A gel that causes no digestion issues! VFuel has even allowed people with Crohns Disease to be able to train for ultra distances again as their systems can handle the digestion process with no issues whatsoever.

VFuel Endurance Maple Bacon Gel







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