Ultra Trail Runner

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Favorite Beer: I don’t drink beer, but I’m a huge fan of Pespi

Best thing about VFuel: It’s the ONLY endurance fuel that can keep me going during the long run and stays down each time. The flavours are pretty damn good.


I used my natural body type to play football in high school and was venturing on to collegiate sports when an injury kept me from being able to compete. Always having been a bigger kid, I maintained all the eating habits of a defensive lineman without all the work. After walking up a couple flights of stairs in 2010, I noticed that it was unhealthy carrying around all the extra weight and it was having less than desirable effects. So I started this journey to rediscover health and fitness, one step at a time.

Yards became blocks, blocks became a mile, and miles became easier. What started as a means to lose weight had transformed into something bigger. I began to meditate and become more in tune with my body as I ran. I enjoyed the primal feeling and the push to the top of a hill or an all out mile. Tapping into that unfettered inner animal that we all are and transcending the effort and using it to better understand who I am.

It was this mental nature than explains why I gravitated towards trails after a couple years. The push into ultra distance running was just to extend those experiences. I started focusing on trail running in 2013 and hopped right into Leadville 100 with the help of the NB team. I ran the race extremely conservative, not knowing how my body would react. I fell in love with not only the distance, but also the culture of the MUT community.

I dedicated 2014 to learning how to run 100’s and racing anything and everything I could in between events so that I could get things dialed in. I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to VFUEL when I signed with team Altra Footwear. My nutrition needed help and VFUEL was the only gel I found that worked for me time after time. It lead me to my first 100 mile win at Bryce Canyon 100 and then a quick turnaround win at Ouray 100. I never had a better running year and I know VFUEL played an integral part of that. Their amazing flavors make me excited for 2015!

Hometown: Logan, UT by way of Salt Lake City, UT


Guilty Pleasure: Cinnamon Rolls

Other Hobbies: I love being outside. Period. But when I’m not doing that I enjoy cooking quite a bit.

Best recovery meal: Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger and Fries… smothered in ketchup, but no tomatoes.

Favorite trail running memory:  Each day is an adventure

2015 Race Schedule:

  • Revolution Run 5hr
  • Black Canyon 100k
  • Buffalo Run 50 Mile
  • Bryce Canyon 100
  • Mountain Lakes 100

Past Race Highlights:

  • 2014 Leadville Trail 100- 22:56 49th Place
  • 2014 Antelope Island 100k- 9:51 2nd Place
  • 2014 Bryce Canyon 100- 21:14 1st Place
  • 2014 Ouray 100 Mile Endurance Run- 26:05 1st Place







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