Timothy Olson

Timothy Olson

Ultra Trail Runner


Favorite Beer: Omission IPA and most organic Malbec’s from Argentina

Best thing about VFuel: Fuels you with yummy goodness right from the Rockies and keeps you burning fat on long mountain journeys.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to include the one and only Timothy Olson to our team here at VFuel! Timothy ‘liked’ us on Facebook in early 2013, and we immediately reached out and got him some samples. Timothy was quick to see the benefits of using VFuel and was an instant fan of our great product. We both (Timmy and VFuel) wanted him to use it over a good period of training, as well as some big races, before we agreed to a sponsorship agreement. Using VFuel in his impressive Tranvulcania performance, and his insanely impressive 2nd consecutive win at the legendary Western States 100in June (as well as a great showing at Speedgoat 50k in July), Timothy was fully on board with VFuel, and, obviously, we were completely on board with Timothy representing our endurance gel as one of our athletes.

Timothy represents all of the great things that ultra running is to us here at VFuel. A wonderful person, family man, and an insanely talented athlete with a pure and fundamental love of the mountains and trails he is continually chasing. His story is also one of redemption and blossoming out of a darker place in his life to fully realize the champion that was inside of him all along. A story very common on the trails of any ultra you’ll come across.

We are overly excited for what we all hope to be a very long relationship between Timothy and VFuel!


Hometown: Amherst, WI

Guilty Pleasure: Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups and chocolate mint coconut ice cream.

Other Hobbies: Reading, playing guitar, yoga, meditation and anything in nature.

Favorite recovery meal: Bacon burger no-bun with sweet potato fries and brussels sprouts.

Favorite trail running memory: The struggles during and energy put into Western States the last two years and coming out with wins. Finishing the race with my son in my arms was really special.







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