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RunStopShop is committed to providing high quality performance products geared to help our customers exceed their fitness goals.

What is RunStopShop?

“We are here to support you along your fitness journey. Whether you are training for a marathon, ultra marathon, trail run, triathlon, obstacle course race, fitness challenge, are a dedicated yogi or athlete RunStopShop will provide you with the best high performance products to encourage and invigorate you to exceed your fitness goals.”

Founded in Melbourne in 2011, RunStopShop is a 24/7 fitness retailer dedicated to providing high quality performance products to Australians with an active, health-conscious lifestyle.

RunStopShop is geared to deliver the best performing health and fitness products, carefully selected and rigorously tested by professional athletes.


Why RunStopShop?

Born out of a need for a one-stop-shop for the health and fitness-focused, RunStopShop offers best in class products that range from high performance clothing, footwear and apparel, to heart rate monitors, activity trackers, sport nutrition and supplements. Each and every one of our products is hand selected to help our customers exceed their fitness goals and beyond regardless of athletic level and pursuit. It’s more than just exercise, it’s a lifestyle – and we are here to support you to be your personal best.

Our products span across sport, health, weight management and lifestyle categories. We’ve put them all in one place – making it easy to find what you need in one convenient location or have them delivered directly to your door – allowing you to continue along your regular fitness routine without skipping a beat!

RunStopShop offers best in class fitness apparel, footwear, sporting equipment and nutritional products that are geared to enhance performance and encourage an overall healthier lifestyle.”


Not Just Online – Our New Bricks and Mortar Shop

What began as solely an online retailer, RunStopShop has seen a growing need for customers wanting the physical shopping experience as well. Nothing quite beats testing a new tech product by hand or trying on a variation of fabric and sizes. This exact need has inspired us to expand our online shop to include a complementary bricks and mortar retailer as well.

This means you can now visit our all-new South Melbourne Headquarters for the fully interactive retail experience. Our shop is more than just racks of clothing – as you walk through the front entrance, you will get the feeling of being immersed in a truly unique shopping environment. You can now interact, engage and trial the products before you buy. Not sure of the correct fit for running footwear? Try a pair on and hop on the treadmill. Our team of product specialists will be on hand to offer expert advice and customer service, helping you to find the best fit for your next workout.

We invite you to join the new RunStopShop at 209 Ferrars Street, South Melbourne. Our shop is conveniently located next to the South Melbourne Market and is open 7 days a week. Looking forward to seeing you there soon!


Who is RunStopShop for?

RunStopShop recognises that performance is part of our customer’s lifestyle.

These days, everyone’s huddling together under the banner of ‘fitness.’ But if you look closely, it seems that ‘fitness’ can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For some, fitness is dressing up and riding to the café, for others it’s going to the gym and doing bicep-curls with a selfie-stick, for many it’s about getting dressed up for the runway and forgetting about the actual run.

At RunStopShop, we exist for a different group. We exist for those that get up at unreasonable hours. Those that part ways with ‘leisure wear’ the moment they get out of bed. Those that push their limits to the limit. And those that find their ‘comfort zone’ very uncomfortable.

These people work out for themselves, and they’re not seeking anyone’s approval. They understand that there are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going and easy definitely does not do it.

At RunStopShop we only stock real performance gear for people who want to really perform.

Your Fitness Journey

Strength |Ÿ Stability Ÿ | Mobility Ÿ | Performance

Feeling up for a challenge? Everyone is capable of achieving a higher level of personal performance. RunStopShop wants you to excel and we are here to provide you with the tools to do it – our goal is to have you performing at your peak, everyday of the week.

Levels of health, fitness and personal performance can take very different paths for individuals to achieve. By making small decisions such as: having a good routine, healthy balance in life, solid amount of ambition, and some awesome gear to help you along the way, you can achieve your goals in no time.

So take on a new challenge! Run a marathon, climb a mountain, race down a dirt track or join a CrossFit box. Whatever it is that you want to achieve,RunStopShop will support you through your fitness journey, in order to increase your personal performance and help you to live a positive, healthy way of life.

Geared for Performance

Specialising in high performance gear, RunStopShop offers a focused range and in-depth product information to deliver the best gear for your health and fitness.

All of the products and brands offered at RunStopShop are selected for their high quality and proven performance. Our team of ambassadors are always hunting for the latest and the greatest gear to ensure the products we select will bring you the best results.

Our range is selected in response to popular training activities in the market and products that are tried and tested by professional athletes – from Olympic Gold Medallists to Ultra Marathon runners. For high levels of performance in ultra endurance training, fitness and sport, our products are geared to take you to the next level.

Our stock includes top of line heart rate monitors from market leaders TomTom and Polar; marathon world record-winning running footwear fromadidas, as well as Australia’s own market leading brands for compression wear – 2XU and Skins.

Check out our Brands page here to see the full list.







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