Ultra Trail Runner, Obstacle Course Racer

Website: www.mattybelltrailrunner.com

Favourite Beer: The Hopinator

Best thing about VFuel: The taste. So yummy and surprisingly easy to eat!!

Running never came to me easily. It took 25 years of my life and health problems to push me out of my 108kg shell.

When I woke up to the reality of the situation, I started running with a Group Boot camp and from that moved onto playing Australian Rules football. This led my health gains and I slimmed down to a steady 78kgs through hard work and dedication with the footy club. Injury pursued me through contact sport and eventually following a knee injury I was told to “choose something that doesn’t include running, like swimming or cycling”. This led me to running on trails and in turn the ultra-running community, pushing the boundaries of what my mind and body was able to complete.

Starting with a half marathon in 2011, my goals led to me chasing that point of failure, aiming to see how far I could push myself and to find how far was too far. From my first Half Marathon I then aimed higher – 30km trail race, 42.2km at Melbourne Marathon, 56km at Two Bays Trail Run and by May 2012 I was lining up for the Epic race in my journey, The North Face 100.

I have been running in ultras as a back to middle of the pack runner and through my time have come across so many different methods of fueling and listening to so many opinions aimed at people who are racing hard. At the other end of the steady line of trailites, are a group who are using fuel much differently. VFuel provides a great energy source for me, keeping me solid through many hours on the trails. I find recovery much quicker and the taste is just fascinating – I can only describe it as “A little party for your taste buds”.  I look forward to working with VFuel in giving me the energy to achieve so much more in my career as a boundary pusher.

Hometown: Lanark, Scotland

Guilty Pleasure: Ice Cream, Lots of ice cream. Bubble gum flavor mostly – but all ice cream!

Other Hobbies: Footy, Obstacle Course Racing, drinking beer, spending time with my family, catching up with friends (and drinking beer).

Best recovery meal: Within 30 minutes of finishing a race – Pizza and Beer – after that – curry!

Favourite trail running memory: The second sunset when running Victoria’s Alpine Challenge in 2014. It was something spectacular and I finished just after and was probably at the limits of my body by that stage. The feeling of heightened emotion coupled with a beautiful sunset cannot be explained – only experienced!

2015-16 Race Schedule:

  • October ’15: Survival Run (Buckley’s Chance)
  • December ’15: Spartan Stadium (Sprint)
  • December ’15: Duncan’s Run 100 (100km)
  • April ’16: Buffalo Stampede (Grand Slam)
  • September ’16: Surf Coast Century (100km)







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