Ultra Trail Runner, Cyclist and Adventure Racer

Website: http://runmorseman2012.blogspot.com/

Favorite Beer:  My friends know to bring Old Chub

Best thing about VFuel: Friendship and its compact fuel

Well I’m no Sage, but I did run in college.  It went well enough that my college offered a scholarship to go there and helped pay my way.  I wanted to be as good as a runner as I could, but was still a bit of a wild man and had no super consistent training.  I always felt like I was under trained and could only keep up with the faster fellas because I had more guts than the next guy.  I ended up placing tenth at a Division III national cross-country race and was pretty pleased for a half-ass runner.

My college was gracious enough to put me into the Hall of Fame, but my favorite award was the Orange and Black award.  It was only awarded once every two years to an outstanding person of character, and boy am I J  I ended up living and training in Estes Park.  I have run almost every trail in RMNP.  Met a pretty girl and got married.  Working became my thing and providing for a young and growing family. I always had in the back of my mind that I should be a professional triathlete.  That never happened, I got fully into a construction career and that has consumed me till just this past February.

I thought I needed a challenge, one that I would almost not be able to complete, just to make it extra difficult.  The Leadman competition was to be my thing to get me into a little shape.  I was able to complete the competition and get my competitive juices flowing again.  Broke a vertebrae dirt biking in early November and boy is that ever a little setback, but I’m healing up well and looking forward to actually trying to be competitive this next year during the Leadman competition

Hometown: Greenville, IL, a small farming community in south central Illinois.

Guilty Pleasure:  Being overly productive and not telling anyone, hahaha

Other Hobbies: Family should be first, Elk Hunting, Mountain Biking, Back country skiing, and really anything outside is perfect.

Best recovery meal: Beer, burger, and fries

Favorite running memory: Most of it has been years ago, but this past year I had a delightfully fast run around Lumpy Ridge, felt strong again after too many years.

#1 Running goal for 2015:  Run a lot faster, say an outrageous and unachievable goal of a 2:36 min marathon, more likely will happen in 2016 if I can keep the body healthy.  If I can get my act together physically I would like to place top 3 in the Leadman comp.  I hate to goals on paper, but now it is.

2015 Plans:  Colorado marathon, a couple of bike races or maybe adventure races, Leadville marathon, Leadville 50 mtb, Leadville 50 run, Leadville.







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