Endurance Athlete

Website: http://www.kristindesantis.com

Favourite beer: Ice cold IPA’S

Best thing about VFuel: This is a FUEL not a gel! Tastes great, goes down easy, no stomach issues and kicks in quickly. VFuel has helped me out in many of my adventures. It’s the bomb!

I first started getting involved in endurance activities about 5 years ago. I had always been in pretty good shape most of my life with a little bit of everything: running, biking, climbing, skiing….anything that was outdoors. I didn’t compete in any sports until my wife (and partner in crime) KT DeSantis started competing in Xterra triathalons. I figured since we worked together at home why not start training  together. Friends in the Xterra world led me to my first 24 hour MTB race as part of a 5 man team in Moab. I LOVED IT! My 1st lap during the night was like riding through a lunar landscape…..what a rush! I was hooked and 10 months later I was competing in the inaugural 24 MTB race in Leadville as a solo rider. It was during this race that I learned about the Leadman series of races in Leadville.  Two years later I was completing my first 100 mile trail run (crossing the finish line with KT of course!) and earning the title of “Leadman”.

Long live long rides & runs!!!

Hometown: Allenspark, Colorado


Real job: How real does it have to be? I work at home with KT DeSantis as her assistant/business manager  and I am “The Man Behind The Woman”.

Guilty pleasure: You might not believe this but ask KT: A Deli Express Bomb burrito from any of the fine Diamond Shamrock gas stations near you.

Other hobbies: Playing harmonica, fishing/hunting (when I get the chance) and chillin’ in the hot tub with KT and cold IPA’s.

Favourite recovery meal: Nothing beats a big ol’ venison burger with cheese and a LARGE side of fries.

Favourite trail running memory: More of a “road riding” memory. In this case gravel roads on cross bikes. The DK200 in 2012.  What a fantastic day of riding the gravel roads of central Kansas with KT. Our two boys, Storm & Steel, crewing for us at the ages of 16 & 10 and doing a fantastic job. Learning how to work with other riders and sharing the “pull” of a pace line. Being KT’s domestique all day and helping her to a 3rd place overall female finish. Absolutely terrific day with the whole family!







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