Sage Canaday

Sage Canaday

Ultra Trail Runner

Favourite Beer: Anything pricey

Best thing about VFuel: I’ve never thrown it up. Seriously. It really doesn’t matter what’s in it if I can’t keep it down.

Having this Boulder mountain runner on our team is what we are all about here at VFuel. Kari is one of the ‘best’ mountain runners we know. Her love for trail running and being out in the hills is arguably unmatched by anyone out there. Not only does she eat up the mountain miles with her legs, she gives back to the community through volunteer work and heading up/running large aid stations at races like Hardrock.

She was one of the original beta testers as we fine tuned our formula for VFuel and her opinions were exactly what we were looking for. Her knowledge of ultra nutrition and race/long run fueling is extensive and we are thrilled that someone like her is so staunchly in support of us here at VFuel. Kari has had stellar performances in most races she has entered and has a very exciting future as her experience and fitness keeps growing!

Hometown: Keene, NY

‘Real’ Job: Licensed Clinical Psychologist (in private practice)

Guilty Pleasure: Hiking the uphills

Other Hobbies: Haha. Only in my life before ultra running.

Best recovery meal: Chocolate soy milk, chocolate coconut milk ice cream, Fudge Brownie VFuel — preferably all together in the VitaMix

Favourite trail running memory: All the ones that involve running–in a day–incredible loops in spectacular places (that most people only see by backpacking).







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