Kami Semick

Kami Semick

Ultra Trail Runner

Website: kamisemick.blogspot.com

Favorite Beer: Depends on the location. Anything local.

Best thing about VFuel: No muscle soreness!



We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with the exceptionally talented trail runner, Kami Semick. This is a perfect match for us, and, so it seems, for her as well. Kami got in touch with us about getting VFuel in Hong Kong, where she currently resides, as she was searching for a better gel that didn’t give her the stomach distress that other gels create.

We sent her some to try out and it worked perfectly for her! After using VFuel on some longer runs Kami reported, “… I really like the product so far. I want to ask what the secret is because I seem to be much less sore after a hard training run or race if I only take VFuel, then when I take other foods, including solids. Am I imagining this? On the stomach side, it seems to sit well and give me energy. I don’t feel up and down. Sometime gels can cause GI distress… but I haven’t experienced any GI issues, and I am GI issue prone.” We responded with an excited, “No, you’re not imaging this! It’s exactly why we created VFuel.”

Needless to say, we are so happy that it has resolved a long standing issue for such an elite athlete and she is able to run stronger and harder, for longer, due to VFuel. Not to mention the ease on her stomach, and, consequently, the rest of her system. This *is* exactly why we created VFuel.

Hometown: From Bend, OR. Currently living in Hong Kong, China

‘Real’ Job: Marketing Consultant

Guilty Pleasure: Coffee and wine (opposite ends of the day)

Other Hobbies: Skiing (when living in Oregon); Biking (Oregon); Backpacking; Travel through Asia

Best recovery meal: From Nepal: Mushroom omelet and egg and potato salad

Favorite Trail Running Memory: From Nepal – climbing a ridge, popping out of the greenery to see 20 curious villagers staring at me the runner. I offered a Namaste, and they broke into smiles and returned the greeting with a chorus of enthusiasm and smiles.







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