Ultra Trail Runner

Website: www.RunJoshArthur.com

Favorite Beer: Porters & Stouts.

Best thing about VFuel: I’ve eaten thousands and I still like them. They have never make me sick, the flavor is awesome, and I always look forward to eating them. I can’t say that about any other gel.

Running… I love the mountains, the thin air, the feeling you get after countless hours on the trail, standing on peaks and even “the bonk”.

I graduated from college in 2010 with a degree in exercise science. After 10+ years of competitive running in the northeast and an unrelenting desire to breathe thin mountain air, I packed a bag, hopped on a plane, and ended up in the high mountains of Colorado where I dove head first into trail & ultra running. Since then I’ve collected a few buckles, most notably a 2nd place at the 2012 Cascade Crest 100 (my 100 mile debut) and a fourth place at the 2013 Run Rabbit Run 100 against some stiff competition. I also got my first “w” at the 2013 Quad Rock 50, and have won, podiumed, and even set records at other smaller ultras and trail marathons.

It’s the mountain lifestyle and the ultra running community though that has kept me here. I get to run scenic trails all summer, eat fresh, locally grown food, cruise single track on my mountain bike, or fly down the winding roads on some skinny wheels. In the winter I get to ski the mountains, glide over valley trails, or just sit and watch the snow pile up outside my window. I’m just a big kid with a mountainous back yard to explore each and every day. So get out there, join me, and always remember… “don’t forget to play”.

Hometown: Lowville, NY (Currently lives in Boulder CO)

Real Job:  Athlete, Coach, VFuel Rep

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate pop tarts

Other Hobbies: Random adventures, camping, trying to play my guitar, and cooking.

Best recovery meal: A large glass of chocolate almond milk and peanut butter toast.

Favorite trail running memory: Somewhere around mile 85 of my first 100 (2012 Cascade Crest 100). It was probably 3 AM, I had been running for 17+ hrs and my pacer Andy & I were hooting and hollering in the woods and jumping over logs and closing in on second place. I remember thinking at that particular moment “this is fun”.

Results/Schedule: UltraSignUp

2015 Race Schedule:

May 9, 2015: Transvulcania 75k – Canary Islands, Spain
June 27, 2015: Mont Blanc 80k – Chamonix, France
July 19, 2015: Power of Four 50k – Aspen, CO
September 6, 2015: The Rut 50k – Big Sky, MT
October 15, 2015: Flagstaff Sky 55k – Flagstaff, AZ
November 15, 2015: Big Sur Half Marathon – Monterey, CA
December 5, 2015: California International Marathon – Sacramento, CA
– or –
December 5, 2015: The North Face 50 – San Francisco, CA







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