Sage Canaday

Sage Canaday

Ultra Trail Runner

Favorite Beer:  St. Bernardus Abt 12

Best thing about VFuel:  It really works with my finicky stomach. Best flavor: Chocolate Fudge Brownie! I could eat it for desert!!!

I ran as a kid, but my running career really started in earnest in 2002. A friend called and asked if I would run the San Francisco Half Marathon with her. My response, “Are you high? I’m not a runner!” A week later (having gone out and bought a pair of running shoes), I ran my first half marathon. It wasn’t particularly fast, but I felt like I had really accomplished something!

Two days later, I saw a documentary about the Western States 100 on television and I was transfixed. The next morning, I tried to sign up, only to find out that they required a 50 mile qualifier. 10 weeks later, I ran my first 50 miler, the Dick Collins Firetrails 50 and immediately put my name into the lottery. Miraculously, my name was drawn and 11 months (to the day) later, I ran (and finished) the 2003 Western States 100 Endurance Run.

Perhaps more important than finishing my first 100, Western States is where I met my wife, 4x Western States runner-up, Emma Winfield. Having a spouse that shares my passion for the trails keeps me both inspired and grounded. From her, I learned the joy of running for the sake of running (rather than as training to race).

I love to race! Trail or road, pin a number on me, shoot a gun and it’s “game on”! I seem to excel at the 50K and 50 mile distances, but I’m still trying to nail down this 100 miler thing (I expect to be chipping away this for many years to come). As a master’s runner, I love the fact that I am continuing to get faster, even as I get older. Distance is a great equalizer!

I have 4 fantastic step-kids (Huw, Kyle, Anna and Evan), 3 dogs (Snoop, George and Molly) and one cat (Frisk). Our home is never a dull place!

I have been experimenting with nutrition for many years and I am so happy to have found VFuel. It delivers a smooth release of energy (without spikes) and it really works well with my picky stomach. At least as importantly to me, it tastes FANTASTIC! As I have continued to improve, VFuel has been a vital part of my training and race-day nutrition program.

Hometown: Pleasant Hill, CA

Guilty Pleasure: Red Vines

Other Hobbies:  Watching luge, knitting scarves and whittling

Best recovery meal: 
Vegan pizza with Kalamata olives!!!

Favorite trail running memory:  Crossing the finish line at the 2003 Western States 100. That moment changed my life!

#1 Race Goal for 2015: Run with joy! (#2 race goal, finish well at the Eiger Ultra Trail 101K in Switzerland)

Results/Schedule: UltraSignup

2015 Race Schedule:

  • March                  Oakland Marathon (pace group leader)
  • April                    Lake Sonoma 50
  • May                     Miwok 100K
  • June                    Western States 100 (Pacing)
  • July                     Eiger Ultra Trail 101K (Switzerland)
  • August                 Skyline 50K
  • September           The Rut 50K (tentative)
  • October               Dick Collins Firetrails 50 (tentative)
  • December            North Face Endurance Challenge 50 (tentative)

Past Race Highlights:

2002               Dick Collins Firetrails 50
2003               Western States 100
2004               Vermont 100
2011               Norcal Half Marathon (9th)
2011               Toronto Waterfront Marathon
2011               World Masters Track and Field Championships 10,000M (15th)
2013               Headlands 50 Miler (7th)
2014               American River 50 (24th)
Mokelumne River 50K (3rd)
Cascade Crest 100







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