Candice Burt

Candice Burt

Ultra Trail Runner, Explorer & Race Director

Website: http://www.wilddefined.com & http://www.destinationtrailrun.com

Favorite Beer (or wine): Boundary Bay IPA, a local Bellingham brew

Favorite thing about VFuel:  It’s super digestible. This is incredibly important in 100 mile races. I also really care about what I put into my body and I love that VFuel is made with the best ingredients!

I’m a runner, an explorer, a student of yoga, and a trail race director.
I run for adventure, the challenge, and to explore new places. Running has evolved for me from High School Cross Country and Track to my true passion: 100 mile trail races and long distance Explorunning, the act of combining running with exploration. I love studying maps and figuring out where my next big adventure will be. This kind of running has taken me to all over the world. A few of my favorite places were the Wonderland Trail that circumnavigates Mt. Rainier, where I set an unsupported and solo Fastest Known Time, Zion Traverse, the Hawaiian Islands, New Zealand’s Kepler Track, and the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, to name a few.
Through my daily practice of Power Vinyasa Yoga, I explore my inner self and strengthen my body for running.  I’ve been practicing yoga for 15 years, beginning when I was in high school. Over the years, I’ve come back to yoga as a way to balance all the other things I do in life: being an athlete, a mother, and a race director.
My love for running began as a child exploring the coasts and forests on Whidbey Island in Washington State. It’s that child-like experience of nature that drives me to find new running routes and create trail races around the United States. When I’m not running, I work as a race director organizing and executing a gazillion trail races in Washington State & the first single loop 200 mile trail race in the United States, the Tahoe 200 mile Endurance Run. New for 2015, the Bigfoot 200! Check it out!


Hometown: Bellingham, WA

Guilty Pleasure: 3 hours of yoga in a day!

Other Hobbies: power vinyasa yoga, race directing, studying maps for cool running routes, finding the best pinot noir.

Favorite recovery meal: raw ahi tuna with arame and wakame seaweed doused with spicy sesame oil. Paired with a great IPA. And anything with potatoes.

Favorite trail running memory: Finishing the 93 mile Wonderland Trail that circumnavigates Mt. Rainier. I did the route solo and set the fastest known time. I jogged to the Wonderland Trail sign, the final steps of my journey, and kissed the ground like a pilot out of a storm and cried for the joy of it all.  Some hikers paused and looked away quickly.  I felt so blessed to have the strength to finish.  All my thoughts of never doing another crazy adventure vanished. It was such a pivotal moment to know that I can do anything I dream up through my own strength.







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