Ultra Trail Runner

Favorite Beer:  I hear it’s an acquired taste, but I’m not quite there yet!

Best thing about VFuel:  They don’t upset my stomach and they taste like pie (although as a vegan I can’t vouch for the pie-quality of the Maple Bacon flavour)

With both my parents being endurance athletes – my dad an elite Ironman triathlete and my mom an ultra runner – crazy adventures and the outdoors have always been a part of my life.  I started running the local 1-mile fun run each year when I was five years old and – with my small stature and dislike for others in my personal space – took to running track and cross country in school rather than trying out for the ball sports.  I had intermittent success through elementary and middle school but always wished the race distances were longer!

I finally hit my stride during my junior year of high school when I began to focus exclusively on running and secured two Indiana State Championships (cross country and the 3200m) and capped off my season with a 5000m win at the New Balance Outdoor Nationals in a meet record time of 16:18.  With high aspirations for seasons to come, I signed on for a full-ride scholarship with Providence College’s D1 running programs.

The next year and a half did not go at all as I had envisioned, hoped, and planned.  I fractured my foot in multiple places going into my senior year, denying me of the race results I had taken for granted I would have.  Misdiagnoses and a slow recovery left me still injured when I left for college.  And there things only got worse.  I struggled with injury after injury and was emotionally and mentally suffering in a place where I knew I did not fit.  After the academic year ended, I left campus and took to the trails.  And then to the mountains.  I realized I felt far more at home in the ultra community where I would spend weekends pacing/crewing for my mom at her 100 milers than I did anywhere else.

I moved to Colorado late in the summer of 2014 and never looked back.  I raced my first 50k at UROC that September placing 1stfor the women and 3rd overall.  I then raced the Glacial Trail 50k in October winning the race outright in a time of 3:52.  In 2015 I did one early season race – Moab Red Hot 55k – placing 1st for the women in 4:29 and just squeezing inside the top 10 overall.  I’ve also chosen to continue my education at CU- Boulder where I study Political Science.  While the details of my visions and dreams have changed in the past few years, the core has remained constant as I strive to follow my passion for running, adventure, and the outdoors, and become the best version of myself I can be – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I feel extremely fortunate as I’ve been supported not only by the friends I’ve made along the way but also by companies with incredible products.  In bumping up distances the crucial importance of fueling myself properly has become quite evident!  I love that VFuel gels have quality ingredients specifically tailored to be easy to digest while I’m pushing myself to my personal best… oh yeah, and they taste delicious, too!

Hometown:  Davis, CA but I grew up primarily in Winona Lake, IN

Guilty Pleasure:  Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter… as much as you can find

Other Hobbies:  Hiking, adventuring in the mountains, drawing, writing, playing with dogs, and I’m learning how to slackline!

Best recovery meal:  A really good vegan burrito and/or a pint of vegan ice cream.

Favorite trail running memory: I’ve had so many amazing memories it’s hard to pick just one!

2015 Schedule: So far the only race on the schedule is Lake Sonoma 50M.  I have plans to pace a few friends at 100 milers in the summer and fall but have intentionally left the year open for opportunities as they come.

Past Results:

  • 1st at New Balance Outdoor Nationals 5000m 2012 (16:18, meet record)
  • 1st female at UBER 50k at UROC 2014 (4:21)
  • 1st overall at Glacial Trail 50k 2014 (3:52, new women’s record)
  • 1st female at Moab Red Hot 55k 2015 (4:29)







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