VFuel White Mountain Trucker Hat


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Our most requested accessory, the VFuel Trucker is finally here. Designed in collaboration with the Captains of Style, Run Goat Run, these Bad Boys are the icing on your sexy head-cake.  Independent studies have shown that these Crowns will make you appear 37% more attractive to the opposite sex and up run up mountains with 16% more Calf Definition#

Run Goat Run is all about the love of trails, mountains and running. It’s a brand, a movement and a lifestyle. The “mountain goat” is our symbol, and what it represents is a passion for wild and free exploration of the rugged outdoors. Our aim is to inspire and bring people together through this shared passion.
We want to see you run, leap, hurt and transcend. We want you to take that solitary journey into the trails, and we also want you to share your story with friends.
Share the passion, grow the movement and inspire the lifestyle.


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