TriSlide & SkinSlick Anti-Chafe Spray




TRISLIDE and SKIN SLICK are THE SAME PRODUCT just in DIFFERENT SIZE CANS.  We use TRISLIDE for pre-race application and training and, in long Ultras, will carry the much smaller can of SKIN SLICK with us.


TRISLIDE/SKIN SLICK is the ONLY anti chafing, anti-friction, anti blistering product found in a convenient environmental friendly aerosol spray. Gone are the days of goopy messy hands and contaminated sticks, the continuous spray application of TRISLIDE/SKIN SLICK is easy to use and safe to share!

TRISLIDE/SKIN SLICK is becoming the preferred ‘chamois anti chafing’ treatment for cyclists to eliminate saddle sores. For cyclists, one application of TRISLIDE/SKIN SLICK goes on silky smooth and stays on without a squishy, wet chamois feeling. It stays on for hours but doesn’t leave a greasy lube residue. Compared to others that may wash off, it is waterproof which means sweat proof! Not only is TRISLIDE/SKIN SLICK great for eliminating chamois chafing, but it successfully combats blistering and hotspots on runner’s feet and all general skin chafing (inner thigh, underarm, sports bra, chest and neck).

TRISLIDE/SKIN SLICK also helps ease entries and causes wicked fast exits from triathlon wetsuits! For triathletes, surfers and divers, TRISLIDE/SKIN SLICK is completely safe to use on all neoprene compared to petroleum or vegetable based products that will disintegrate the wetsuits.

TRISLIDE/SKIN SLICK is a liquid silicone based product that can simply be removed with soap and water, will not stain clothes, and is the most innovative product to prevent chafing, blistering, irritation, and hot spots found in swimming, biking and running. Available in a 4 oz can.

Here’s how to get the most from your TRISLIDE/SKIN SLICK:


Training long, indoors or in heat will produce sweaty conditions. Moisture on your skin/clothes from sweat or rain will produce friction. PREVENT CHAFING – spray TRISLIDE/SKIN SLICK before your run in potential chafe areas – sports bras, inner thighs, nipples, under arms, heart rate straps etc. NO TAPE REQUIRED.

NEW run gear or tri suit? Spray under your arms, neckline etc to totally avoid CHAFING

SUFFER FROM BLISTERS? Not anymore. Spray TRISLIDE/SKIN SLICK under your feet/ankles/toes – wherever they occur. Even running shorter distances without socks – spray TRISLIDE/SKIN SLICK, stay BLISTER FREE. No tape required – not even with new shoes. TRUST US.


NO MORE CHAMOIS CHAFING – spray TRISLIDE/SKIN SLICK before the long ride – easy spray application, no messy creams or goopy hands, hygienic – you will never use butt cream, again.


Use TRISLIDE/SKIN SLICK around the neckline and under the armpits (if you wear a sleeveless wetsuit) to totally PREVENT ALL CHAFING


WETSUIT SWIM – get it on/ and off REALLY FAST. Spray TRISLIDE/SKIN SLICK on your ankles/feet, and your wrists – then slide into your wetsuit. Once on, spray the wetsuit itself at the entry points for feet/wrists – all the way around about an inch of coverage so when you take it off – it slides back against your skin and comes off super-fast, no fuss.

SPEED UP YOUR T2 TRANSITION – spray your feet before the swim start – all over. This will not only prevent blisters but also help you slide into your shoes REALLY FAST without socks. ALSO spray the entry point of your shoes. NO – your feet will not slide around in your shoes when you are running, and NO – it will not wash off your feet in the swim – it is 100% waterproof.


If you encounter blisters/chafing that you did not expect during training or racing (in an area we assume you did not spray TRISLIDE/SKIN SLICK), and you are dreading the shower ‘sting’ – spray TRISLIDE/SKIN SLICK over the affected area first – it will act as a clear protective barrier providing a more comfortable shower/bath.


The benefits of TRISLIDE/SKIN SLICK are HUGE and you and your friends will LOVE IT. Avoid spraying your skin zones while standing on tiles or polished floors. Always put a towel down on these surfaces.


Easily remove TRISLIDE/SKIN SLICK from skin, clothing and surfaces with warm, soapy water. Plain water won’t cut it – its 100% waterproof – so you will need soap, washing powder, floor agents. TRISLIDE/SKIN SLICK is completely safe on all materials, skin etc.

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