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We’ve searched long and hard for a manufacturer that could give us a custom printed, light weight Tech-Tee that wouldn’t cost the earth or require huge Minimum Order Quantities.  We found exactly that in 2ndSkin and we’re stoked to announce our first series of Tech T-Shirts, available in both Women’s and Men’s cuts.

Fabric and Printing

The Fabric used by 2ndSkin is the lightest we’ve found available for custom shirts and is only marginally heavier than the 2XU GHST range, and substantially lighter weight than most Tech fabrics we’ve seen on locally printed shirts.  Further, all print work uses a sublimation process to retain breathability (i.e. no huge patches of Silk Screen Ink) and maximise longevity.


We’ve found that 2ndSkin shirts fit one full size smaller than most shirts we’re used to.  This applies to both genders.  For example, where our Director would normally wear a Small, in these shirts he wears a Medium.  Where Kellie Emmerson would normally wear an Extra Small, in these shirts she would wear a Small.  Please note that, while this is a pre-order to establish demand, we will of course do our best to accomodate size changes if you get it wrong; just don’t hate us if we can’t manage it.


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