You’ve probably already seen it breaking the internet, trending everywhere you look, but in case you haven’t hear’s the good oil: VFuel has just announced a new flavour: SALTED CARAMEL APPLE!

Well, hoax it is NOT! It’s true, there’s a new flavour hitting shelves in the USA and it’s bigger than the iPhone 7.  VFuel Co-founder Alan Smith reckons it will take over as our most popular flavour, slicing right through the middle of the Cool Citrus/Peach Cobbler/Mountain Berry Peloton to take the crown as overall favourite.

To make things even more exciting, we’ve listened to feedback and rounded off some of the sharp edges on the packaging.  We occasionally heard that tearing a gel open with your teeth while on the bike could lead to small cut on the mouth and so going forward all gel batches will feature the new packaging.

We’re keen to get some Salted Caramel Apple on Australian shores ASAP and so have opened up a pre-order to get the ball rolling. We’ll be airfreighting a few dozen cartons down-under as we know you’re as impatient as we are to taste it.  Airfreight is very costly so numbers will be strictly limited; order today if you don’t want to miss out!

Pre-Order HERE or miss out.

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