VFuel Australia is an evolution, both for the Australian endurance community and our little company. In bringing the World’s First True Endurance Energy Gel to Australia, Tegyn and Kellie, the folks behind the Mothership (Wildplans Pty. Ltd.) are also expanding their vision of bringing colourful, innovative products to the Australian market.  Wildplans started in the 2010 and the initial concept was a web and phone application that would support outdoor professionals… whoa, we’re not in Kansas anymore! Fast forward 5 years and we’ve pivoted away from the app and now represent a handful of premium brands like THIR, Sweet Cheeks and Wildplans Trailrunning Tours.


We’re proud of our continuing involvement in the outdoor and endurance communities and would argue that this, aside from the quality of our products and customer-focus, is what separates us from the rest. We’re out there every weekend racing, training, crewing or otherwise involved in Trail and Ultramarathons, Obstacle Course Races, Adventure races, Canoeing trips and Cycling events.

VFuel, for me, was the answer to a problem:

I can’t stomach this Sh!t anymore!
What am I going to use for fuel?

Most of my Ultrarunning career has been fuelled by liquid-based fuel. Having suffered the ill effects of poor quality energy gels early on they’d evicted from my drop bag and not allowed back. As I started to run further and harder and get involved in events that made carrying liquid fuel difficult (OCR), I had to reassess my strategy. Palate fatigue and gut cramps eventually drove me back to the drawing board.

Grant Guise of Back Country Runner introduced me to VFuel and thought I’d give it a crack. Getting it in from the USA by the box was expensive (and still is!) and so we scribbled on a handful of napkins and decided there was room in Australia for an energy gel people actually like! VFuel Australia was born and the rest is history.

As the official Australian distributor of VFuel Endurance products, we’re proud to provide our community with another option. An option for those of us sick of the standard options, tired of gut issues and complete fed-up with stuffing our mouths with rubbish.

Cheers, Tegyn

Welcome to the VFuel Family!


VFuel was founded in 2011 by friends and ultra runners in Estes Park, Colorado, USA.

Over the course of several years, through extensive research, testing, and field use, we developed our own endurance gel that did more than just give a quick spot of energy or put unnecessary “trendy” ingredients inside just for the sake of having them. VFuel recognised the four requests that endurance athletes have of their sports nutrition; taste, quality, performance and digestibility. Nothing out there truly had all four from an endurance athletes perspective, and we wanted to change that. Runners, triathletes, cyclists, etc, devote so much time and effort into their passion, why shouldn’t they expect a product that gives it all to them?

VFuel does just that. VFuel spent several years fine tuning the ingredients for optimal performance based both on the science behind each ingredient and actual field testing through training and racing for races such as the Leadville 100, Hardrock 100, Ironman, Bighorn Mountain 100, Bear 100, and Rocky Raccoon 100, as well as many shorter races at every distance. This was definitely a team effort and what resulted was a gel that not only tastes fantastic, but uses high quality ingredients, and performs better than any ‘energy’ gel out there.

“Our lab coats are tech shirts and running shorts, our lab spans the trails, mountains, races, bike paths, and open spaces in our back yard. Our office is lit by the sun and the moon, cooled by the rain and the wind, and warmed by sunny Colorado days. It is here that we developed VFuel.”







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